Location, location, location...

This prime property is ideally situated to provide both the quiet enjoyment of country living and the practical convenience of proximity to Winnipeg. Located just off of Canada's famous Trans-Canada Highway (aka Hwy.#1), a 20-minute drive westward takes one to the city's perimeter, and 35 minutes gets you to Portage & Main, (aka the "crossroads of Canada"). Half way to the city, you'll pass signs informing you that you are "crossing the longitudinal center" of this great country.

The town of  Ste. Anne (Sainte-Anne-des-Chênes) is 10 minutes from Solace House, and Steinbach, Manitoba's third-largest city, is a 20-minute drive southward. Less than an hour to the east lies Falcon Lake (in spectacular Whiteshell Provincial Park) and it's 10 minutes more to the Ontario border. No less than 10 golf courses are within a 20-minute circumference, and the nearby Sandilands Provincial Forest is a favourite destination for mountain bikers, cross-country skiers, and wild-mushroom foragers. 

The 40-acre tract of land (1/16th of a square mile / 161,880 m² / 16.19 hectares / about the size of 25 FIFA World Cup soccer fields) has 660' of frontage on a year-round "schoolbus" road and is a half-mile (2640') deep. Zoning allows for potential subdivision to a minimum of 5-acre lots, offering considerable development opportunities.