"Peaceful, easy feeling"

Vertically oriented (because "heat rises"), astutely planned, and well-built using only top-quality materials, Solace House offers a creative, uplifting living experience, while at the same time embracing positive enviromental stewardship principles.

The lower level of the home is below grade, acting as a heat-sink in winter and providing natural cooling in the summertime (no need for air conditoning). The main level features full-height wall-to-wall glazing on the south side and is cut back to allow the low-angled winter sun to warm the concrete mass in the lower level. The upper level is also stepped back, providing views down to the main and lower levels, and creating a natural convection loop in the home.


The home's unique, light-filled interior truly comprises an "open-space concept." Each area extends naturally into the next, providing the feeling of considerable spaciousness while also maintaining a compact footprint.

Interior hallways are completely eliminated. Spatial "privacy" is achieved through vertical stacking of functional and fully optimized floor-planes. Aside from the two enclosed air-lock entry vestibules, the two bathrooms, one private den, and the utility room, the rest of the space in Solace House is open and interconnected. This allows for a natural convection loop in the home, eliminating the need for ducting to ensure air movement.